In Ward 26 of Nyandeni municipality, 94% of people have no electricity, and only 7.8% get water from a provider. Employment sits at 5.6%, and people live for under a dollar day.

TransCape aims to boost employment and find sustainable solutions for people living in rural villages. Many of our projects make use of the cooperative movement to ensure local ownership, fair sharing, democratic decisions and social responsibility.

Through our microfinance project, community members are provided with training and support to start their own business.

TransCape provides income opportunities through tourism and has developed a number of locally-owned businesses, such as Vukani Backpackers, African Pot Volunteer House, Port Saint Johns to Coffee Bay hiking trail, village based accommodation, and tourism activities such as kayaking, massage, hiking tours, and surf lessons.

The Mdumbi Eco Center explores the sustainable provision of buildings, water, toilets, hot water, power and organic, nutritionally-diverse food to people at their homesteads in an eco-friendly way.

Solar Lights for Education provides a sustainable solution to students who need light to study while at the same time providing work for a locally owned solar business.