Considering the previous discriminatory apartheid regime and current economical inequalities, providing fair healthcare to all South Africans is an immense task. TransCape is involved with a variety of health solutions and believe that the best results come from working synergistically with others. We work with local hospitals, clinics, home based care groups, HIV support groups, communities, tribal authorities, local municipality, and Departments of Health and Social Development.

We provide an HIV counselling service (clinic counselling, home visits, school assemblies, awareness days) as well as emergency patient transport, and a service for cataract patients.

Health Project Achievements

  • ARV Treatment and down referral program and infrastructure development
  • Upgrade and construction of 5 clinics
  • Upgrade and infrastructure maintenance at Canzibe Hospital
  • Establishment of 21 HIV support groups, 8 with microfinance businesses.
  • Establishment of 5 HBC groups with offices and registered as non-profit organizations with 3 accessing Social Development grants. These groups take care of orphans, bed ridden, critically ill, frail and elderly people in their community.
  • HIV awareness programs with over 130 thousand participants
  • HIV testing of over 5000 people
  • 200+ children were nutritionally brought back to health and their mothers trained in our Nokuphila Malnutrition centre