Main summary about TransCape

TransCape is based in the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa, an area faced with a poignant context of poverty, poor health and dysfunctional educational systems, populated by the thriving energy of people who want to live full and healthy lives.

TransCape is Registered as a Non-Profit Organization with the Department of Social Development. Registration number 035-619 NPO. TransCape is registered as a Public Beneficiary Organzation with tax exempt number RG/0059/01/06 and PBO file No 930 018 201.

Long-term changes need to take place in order to significantly improve the situation in the Eastern Cape. The Government is starting to implement changes to boost infrastructure, education, health and economy.

We are in a unique situation to assist people in an area on our earth where basic human living standards are a far cry short of what most of you reading this have come to accept as normal. Help us balance things out. A world without equality will always be a world without peace and harmony.

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